About the Principals
Analog Solutions was founded by John Gibilisco in 1982 in response to the growing demand for experienced analog electronics talent. Jim Knowlton joined forces with John in 1986. Together they bring impeccable credentials to your design team.

HIGH PERFORMANCE ANALOG ELCTRONIC DESIGNJohn graduated with High Distinction (4.0 GPA) from the University of Nebraska with a BSEE in 1972. Prior to starting Analog Solutions, he worked professionally at Tektronix, Valleylab, Rockwell-Collins, ADR Ultrasound, and Life Imaging.
Some of John's achievements include: a 350 MHz horizontal amplifier system for a 1 GHz oscilloscope; control circuitry for medical intravenous infusion pumps; RF and video electronics for an optical disk data drive; high-speed data acquisition and servo electronics for a robot vision system; and a 40-volt fast-settling blanking driver for electron-beam microlithography. He shares credit in a patent for air detection and flow
correction in medical infusion pumps.

Jim graduated from the University of Nebraska with a BSEE in 1971 and MSEE in 1973. He worked professionally at Tektronix, Micro-Rel, Valleylab, Rockwell-Collins, the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Iowa, and Eastman Kodak.

HIGH PERFORMANCE ANALOG ELCTRONIC DESIGNSome of Jim's achievements include: a high-efficiency switching power supply and monolithic integrated deflection amplifiers for battery operated oscilloscopes; a low-power wrist mounted cardiac monitor; low-noise receiver and preamplifier systems for plasma wave research; a custom monolithic high-performance FM demodulator, high-speed multi-channel video data acquisition system, and dual motor/twin PLL tape transport servo controls for a high-speed video tape drive. He is credited with patents for flutter cancellation and video level calibration used in high-speed video tape recording.

The combination of John's and Jim's design experience and incisive problem-solving abilities provides you with the seasoned talent you need to complete your most challenging projects in analog electronics.

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